Wholesale Data Center Solutions

Wholesale data center provider

Data center use is typically divided into two volume-oriented buckets: retail colocation and wholesale colocation.

Prime Data Centers focuses exclusively on wholesale solutions. We typically define the threshold between retail and wholesale as 500kW. For a deep dive into retail versus wholesale, read our blog post here.

Prime works closely with retail colocation providers to meet their growing requirements and accelerate their speed to market. An excellent example of this is Cyxtera’s wholesale lease with us in Santa Clara.

Top 5 Benefits of a Wholesale Data Center


Speed to Market






Tailored Financial Arrangements



Prime Data Centers typically leases our data centers on either a triple net (NNN) or modified gross basis. We are always open to exploring other financial arrangements that may be better suited to a client’s unique needs, including joint ventures and sale/leaseback.

Our data center facilities can be powered shell or build-to-suit, and our clients typically take full control of the building once they have moved in, with Prime’s involvement limited to maintaining MEP and connectivity resources like the Meet-Me-Room (MMR).

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