Data Center Solutions

“Partnership-as-a-Service” is our strategic approach. We excel at finding data center solutions to fit your needs, rather than force-fitting you to a pre-defined leasing model.

Convenience & Service

Wholesale Colocation

From a 500 kW suite to a 25,000 square foot private data hall, our data center solutions enable us to work with your server deployment timelines with existing data center capacity and flexibility for growth. (Our blog has more on retail vs. wholesale colocation. We don’t provide retail colocation services.)

Immediately available commissioned data halls, white space & powered shell capacity ensures rapid deployment

Turnkey solution available – designed as per your requirements

Expansion options enabling capacity-on-demand

Solutions offering customers a branded data center experience

Client-Specified Construction And Delivery


Prime partners with you by establishing a capital expenditure and real estate plan customized to your strategic business interests. As your business and infrastructure needs grow you can count on Prime’s proven development expertise.

Access immediate campus capacity and land back or we can purchase or joint venture your land

Design or co-design with your preferred mechanical solutions, electrical redundancy levels and power density requirements

Hybrid expansion options available – starting with powered shell that converts into customized turnkey data halls at your discretion as and when needed

Fast expansion options available


Base-Building Speed and Delivery Options

Powered Shell

Leverage capital management options, speed-to-market, and construction flexibility. Our powered-shell data center options provide you with a lot of flexibility and expediency.


Prime Data Centers takes a different approach to partnership by co-creating capital expenditure and real estate strategies with its customers that both advance their physical business interests in the digital world and increase per share valuations. A private firm owned by entrepreneurs controlling $6B in assets, with a 15 year tenure in development of technology and real estate projects. Prime provides customers with ownership options and dynamic leasing models defining a true corporate partnership.

  • Lease
  • data center joint venture icon Joint Venture
  • Sale Leaseback


We’ll tailor a lease structure to your company’s unique needs, from lease-to-own, to a more traditional lease.

Dynamic lease & ownership model for public and private enterprises

Optional self-driven transition from lease to ownership

Partnership structured for accounting optimization (FASB ASU 2016-2)

Joint Venture

Unlike many data center developers, Prime offers joint venture solutions for maximum control and transparency.

Align interests with 100% transparency

Client-capitalized lease structures – value and cash flow accretion

Results in significant implied lease cost reduction at discretion of customer

Sale Leaseback

An efficient way to reinvest in your core business and strengthen your balance sheet.

Alleviate business-distracting obligations

Transfer facility operations, security, and infrastructure investment responsibilities

Create financial efficiencies and flexibilities

Use Case: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery

Data center site selection and disaster recovery/business continuity are closely tied together. Prime can help your company select the best site and services given your DR/BC strategies. Read this blog post for more on DR/BC.

Use Case: Hyperscale


Hyperscalers are poised to benefit significantly from the equity and tax advantages that can come with at least partial ownership of the data center facility. Prime is ready to advise you on both financial opportunities and custom solution design opportunities.

Use Case: Edge Data Centers

Edge Data Center

Data at the edge is one of the most quickly evolving facets of information technology. No matter which industry you’re in, Prime can help you design edge solutions that optimize for both the centralized management and the decentralized user experience.

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