Data Center Management

Partnership Options

Prime takes a different approach to partnership by co-creating capital expenditure and real estate strategies with its customers that both advance their physical business interests in the digital world and increase per share valuations. A private firm owned by entrepreneurs controlling $6BN in assets and a 15 year tenure in development of technology and real estate projects. Prime provides customers with ownership options and dynamic leasing models defining a true corporate partnership.

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  • Dynamic lease & ownership model for public and private enterprises
  • Self-driven transition from lease to ownership
  • Partnership structured for accounting optimization (FASB ASU 2016-2)

Resource Delivery and Management Options

  • Collaborative facility & security management – Prime + Client
  • Client-owned/managed operations
  • Prime-purchased and delivered Client-specific infrastructure

Joint Venture

  • Align interests with 100% transparency
  • Client-capitalized lease structures – value and cash flow accretion
  • Structured for accounting optimization (FASB ASU 2016-2)
  • Results in significant implied lease cost reduction at discretion of customer


  • Alleviate business-distracting obligations
  • Transfer facility operations, security, and infrastructure investment responsibilities
  • Create financial efficiencies and flexibilities
  • Reinvest in main business

Data Center Real Estate Partnership Model

Through Prime’s properties, customers assets or customer selected sites, Prime strategically delivers:

Data Center “Partnership-As-A-Service”

A true corporate partnership with aligned business interests, tailored to your unique data center needs.
Prime Data Centers "Partnership-as-a-Service" accommodates your company's needs, from edge data center, to wholesale colocation, to powered shell, to hyperscale and more

Convenience & Service

Wholesale Colocation

From a 500 kW suite to a 25,000 square foot private data hall, our solutions enable us to work with your server deployment timelines with existing data center capacity and flexibility for growth.

  • Immediately available commissioned data halls, white space & powered shell capacity ensures rapid deployment
  • Turnkey solution available – designed as per your requirements
  • Expansion options enabling capacity-on-demand
  • Solutions offering customers a branded data center experience

Client-Specified Construction and Delivery


Get the exact design and IT capacity you need for now and the future

Prime partners with you by establishing a capital expenditure and real estate plan customized to your strategic business interests. As your business and infrastructure needs grow you can count on Prime’s proven development expertise. Use your land parcel or utilize our existing land bank. With significant engineering expertise and financial strength for lower cost of capital we are able to lower the TCO for you.

  • Access immediate campus capacity and land back or we can purchase or joint venture your land
  • Design or co-design with your preferred mechanical solutions, electrical redundancy levels and power density requirements
  • Hybrid expansion options available – starting with powered shell that converts into customized turnkey data halls at your discretion as and when needed
  • Fast expansion options available

Base-Building Speed and Delivery Options

Powered Shell

Leverage capital management options, speed-to-market, and construction flexibility. Our powered-shell data center options provide you with a lot of flexibility and expediency.

California Data Center Services

Site Selection – Our team can help you identify the ideal location for your data center, taking into account the cost of energy, local business conditions, access to certain network and cloud providers, threats from natural disasters and proximity to population centers.

Connectivity services – Cross-connect to the carrier or cloud provider of your choice and enjoy ultra-low latency to major network hubs and population centers.  Secure meet-me-rooms with physically diverse and redundant feeds ensure your applications are online 24×7.

Customization services 

The prime team and its partners are dedicated to assisting you design your perfect environment for your critical needs.

  • Collaborative Facility & Security Management – Prime + Client
  • Client-Owned/Managed Operations
  • Prime Purchased and Delivered Client-specific Infrastructure

Move-in & migration services 

From initial planning to project management Prime and its partners are here to assist with your move in

  • Project management
  • Fit-out of rack, electrical, cabling and containment
  • Data Hall layout design
  • Migration services

Support Services 

We have developed an ecosystem of partners that can provide a host of value-added services, from cloud migration to remote anti-virus support.

    • Racking, stacking, receiving, and storage of equipment
    • Power cycling
    • Hardware replacements
    • Entering commands per instructions Infrastructure and circuit testing
    • Cabling and wiring
    • Troubleshooting physical ports

Smart Hands 

Reduce staffing needs with your full control. Onsite technicians are available 24/7 all year round.