Prime Data Centers takes a different approach to partnership by co-creating capital expenditure and real estate strategies with its customers that both advance their physical business interests in the digital world and increase per share valuations. A private firm owned by entrepreneurs controlling $6B in assets, with a 15 year tenure in development of technology and real estate projects. Prime provides customers with ownership options and dynamic leasing models defining a true corporate partnership.


We’ll tailor a lease structure to your company’s unique needs, from lease-to-own, to a more traditional lease.

Dynamic lease & ownership model for public and private enterprises

Optional self-driven transition from lease to ownership

Partnership structured for accounting optimization (FASB ASU 2016-2)

Joint Venture

Unlike many data center developers, Prime offers joint venture solutions for maximum control and transparency.

Align interests with 100% transparency

Client-capitalized lease structures – value and cash flow accretion

Results in significant implied lease cost reduction at discretion of customer

Sale Leaseback

An efficient way to reinvest in your core business and strengthen your balance sheet.

Alleviate business-distracting obligations

Transfer facility operations, security, and infrastructure investment responsibilities

Create financial efficiencies and flexibilities

Remote/Smart Hands

Prime Data Centers partners with the most experienced and reputable IT services providers in the industry. Prime’s team has decades of IT services experience. If desired, we can work with you to determine what level of IT services is best for your organization. We have a deep, experienced bench of smart hands professionals. With Prime, you’ll have the flexibility to scale your dedicated team as your business needs change.


Security Staffing: Prime Data Centers partners with the most reputable security providers in the industry. We understand that your IT infrastructure and data are two of the most critical elements of your business.


Physical Security: All Prime facilities are hardened against physical intrusion. In our build-to-suit projects, we can build physical security like bollards, biometric access controls, and fencing to your exact specifications. Our standard is dual authentication (badge and biometric controls) and cutting-edge security software to ensure the access to your IT environment is controlled as tightly as possible.

data center security guards

Turnkey Tenant Fit-Out

The turnkey data center fit-out consists of all steps necessary to go from a simple powered shell to a fully functioning and commissioned data center.

Prime has the internal expertise to manage your entire tenant fit-out. We have long-standing relationships with all equipment providers, mitigating the risk of supply chain issues impacting your timeline. Prime will work with you to design and deploy critical infrastructure such as busways, hot aisle containment (HAC), rack layout and installation, etc.

Prime Data Centers takes the time to truly understand your facility requirements and we take pride in delivering on time and on budget. We accomplish this through a combination of industry-leading tools and long-term supplier relationships.  

data center build to suit tenant fit out

Customer Portal/Data

Prime Data Centers prides itself on transparency with our customers. A standard offering to any customer is access to the Prime customer portal. This portal can be configured to provide any facilities data you desire. Items such as: cold aisle temperatures, HAC temperatures, Mechanical/Electrical status to the rack level, particulate levels, hourly trending of PUE, and much more. Prime is happy to provide API access to this data to populate your internal DCIM if desired. In addition to business intelligence (BI), Prime’s portal can also provide you with a robust ticketing system.