Sacramento Data
Center Campus

Prime’s Sacramento Data Center is located on 38 acres in McClellan Business Park, less than 90 minutes from the Bay Area with impressive amenities and tax incentives.

Chat with sales about our Sacramento campus. Note that we don’t offer retail colocation of <500kW. Only wholesale of >500kW.

Why Sacramento?

Prime Data Centers chose Sacramento during our site selection process because of a rare blend of the following traits:

We wanted a site very close to the data gravity of the San Francisco Bay Area, but without the significant seismic risk and expense profile. Sacramento is the perfect solution.

If you’re considering a Reno data center, a Portland data center (incl. Hillsboro), a Seattle data center, a Phoenix data center, an LA data center, or a San Jose or Bay Area data center, we encourage you to consider Sacramento as well.

Why Prime Data Centers Sacramento?

Prime Data Centers’ Sacramento campus stands out locally for a few reasons. Completed in 2021, our campus is one of the newest facilities in the area and is the only one above the 500-year flood plain. We are located in McClellan Park, which is a Qualified Opportunity Zone, offering unique tax advantages. Through our Partnership-as-a-Service model, we offer some of the most flexible partnership options, ranging from wholesale lease, to joint venture. Finally, we are one of the only local data centers with plenty of available room to scale.  

Sacramento is home to data centers from companies like Raging Wire (NTT), QTS, and Quest Technology. Prime Data Centers Sacramento campus compares favorably to any of those.  (All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement.)

sacramento data center real estate development phases

Excellent Disaster
Recovery Site


Outside the 500-year flood plain


Low seismic risk


Privately-owned 50 MVA sub-station, expandable to 150 MVA


Affordable, renewable power with 30-50% savings compared to the SF Bay Area


~3ms latency to San Jose and San Francisco


The Prime Sacramento Campus is the only data center in Sacramento that is outside the 500-year floodplain. And according to the USGS, there is a less than 0.72% probability of a 6.0 magnitude or higher earthquake over the next 30 years, whereas San Francisco has a 89% chance of a 6.0+ earthquake in this period.
USGS earthquake risk map for California, Nevada, and Oregon
greater Sacramento flood plain map

Campus Gallery

Sacramento Data Center Connectivity

This carrier-neutral facility is strategically located on major fiber routes and has physically diverse pathways to multiple Tier1 long haul and metro fiber providers.

2407 AK Street offers direct access to dark fiber, major interconnection sites and on-ramps to major public cloud infrastructure providers.

And with ultra low latency to all of the major West Coast markets, Prime’s Sacramento data center is a smart choice for companies looking at alternatives to the Bay Area.

sacramento data center network latency map


Prime’s Sacramento data center accesses 100MW+ of utility power and the ability to deliver power from 100% green energy sources for up to 50% lower than the Bay Area.

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