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Data CenterS

Prime Data Centers’ global data center footprint includes the most sophisticated hyperscale facilities.

A hyperscale data center is simply a very large data center, typically over 100MW. The most common tenants in a data center of this magnitude are some of the world’s largest tech companies, including major cloud and internet service firms.

The sheer size of these facilities means that they often need to be built in more rural areas than smaller data centers.

They also require vast amounts of connectivity and power, which means they can’t be too rural.

Prime Data Centers develops hyperscale data centers like our 750,000+-square-foot Elk Grove property just outside of Chicago. This hyperscale data center property combines the best of both worlds: proximity to a major Tier 1 city, combined with a large 150MW power capacity.

Many of today’s mega hyperscale operators seek build-to-suit options, which accelerates bringing capacity online.

Hyperscale data centers form the backbone of today’s global cloud services and infrastructure. They are of huge strategic importance to major cloud services companies. That’s why Prime Data Centers offers the financial flexibility that we do, ranging from a lease to a joint venture. If total control of your hyperscale data center, as well as benefiting from potential financial upside, is important to you, we can help.