Client-Specified Construction And Delivery

Build-to-suit data center

A build-to-suit data center is Prime Data Centers’ most common development approach. Whether it’s a 5MW+ wholesale turnkey or a 75MW+ hyperscale facility, we excel at building to our customers’ exact specifications. Prime’s ability to deliver custom mission-critical solutions isn’t limited to the structures themselves.

We also offer dynamic partnership models from standard lease to joint ventures to lease to own. This can be combined with purchase (sale/leaseback) of one of several customer facilities including outsourcing full operational responsibility and financial liabilities.


We work with your site selection team and build what you need, be that on Prime-owned land or your land that Prime can either lease or purchase from your company.

In addition to built-to-suit data center projects, Prime offers geographic flexibility. Rather than focus exclusively on Tier 1 data center sites, we help our clients explore what we call “frontier sites” that may be Tier 2 today but have all the ingredients necessary to soon jump to Tier 1.

For example, suppose your IT team’s primary project objective is to increase resiliency as part of their business continuity/disaster recovery strategy. In that case, we can help recommend geographical considerations and a build-to-suit data center strategy to match that need.

If instead, your company’s primary project objective is to enhance performance with an edge facility, we can match that need as well with our edge data center solution.

Sustainability goals, geographic considerations, business continuity strategy, financial situation, IT goals, consolidation, and much more factor into a data center development decision.

Instead of trying to force fit your company into a particular data center development blueprint, Prime Data Centers will take the time to understand your unique needs and recommend a custom build-to-suit data center solution that meets or exceeds your various goals. 

It all starts with understanding your company’s primary needs, strategy and situation. Those are the kinds of conversations Prime loves to have. The sooner we get to know your multifaceted needs, the sooner we recommend a custom solution. Click here to get the conversation started and learn more about our built-to-suit data center solutions. 

Prime partners with you by establishing a capital expenditure and real estate plan customized to your strategic business interests. 

As your business and infrastructure needs grow, you can count on Prime’s proven built-to-suit data center development expertise.

Front view of group of engineers with blueprints standing on construction site.

Top 5 Benefits of Prime’s Built-to-Suit Data Center Solution:


Access immediate campus capacity and land bank, or we can purchase or joint venture your land


Design or co-design with your preferred mechanical solutions, electrical redundancy levels and power density requirements


Hybrid expansion options available – starting with a powered shell that converts into customized turnkey data halls at your discretion as and when needed


Lower TCO
(Total cost of ownership)


Scalability to meet your growing requirements

With sustainability at the forefront for enterprises globally, Prime Data Centers works with companies to design high efficiency, sustainable build-to-suit data centers to help achieve their sustainability goals while lowering their carbon footprint.

Poised to benefit significantly from equity and tax advantages

Hyperscale Data Center

Prime Data Centers’ global data center footprint includes the most sophisticated hyperscale facilities.

A hyperscale data center is simply a very large data center, typically over 100MW. The most common tenants in a data center of this magnitude are some of the world’s largest tech companies, including major cloud and internet service firms.

The sheer size of these facilities means that they often need to be built in more rural areas than smaller data centers.

They also require vast amounts of connectivity and power, which means they can’t be too rural.

Prime Data Centers develops hyperscale data centers like our 750,000+-square-foot Elk Grove property just outside of Chicago. This hyperscale data center property combines the best of both worlds: proximity to a major Tier 1 city, combined with a large 150MW power capacity.

Many of today’s mega hyperscale operators seek build-to-suit options, which accelerates bringing capacity online.

Hyperscale data centers form the backbone of today’s global cloud services and infrastructure. They are of huge strategic importance to major cloud services companies. That’s why Prime Data Centers offers the financial flexibility that we do, ranging from a lease to a joint venture. If total control of your hyperscale data center, as well as benefiting from potential financial upside, is important to you, we can help.


Data at the edge is one of the most quickly evolving facets of information technology

edge data center

First off, what are edge data centers?

At a high level, they are data centers that are built closer to the “edge” of a network and closer to the end users.

Edge computing is increasingly important when high latency is not tolerable. For example, for autonomous driving to become safer and more mainstream, the latency of data transmission must be as low as possible.

Other latency-sensitive applications include:

This means that companies that need edge data centers to lower latency for their applications will have more diverse geographic siting needs.

Prime Data Centers can help optimize and deliver these geographic needs. Our expertise on site selection as well as access to land banks has helped leading hyperscalers and enterprise clients analyze their broader edge data center facility needs. Prime’s edge data center knowledge has matched them with custom packages consisting of numerous sites to deploy a robust edge strategy

The decentralization that edge data centers represent can also help boost the resilience of your data infrastructure. Less geographic concentration means reduced risk of system-wide disruption resulting from damage to any one site. Prime can advise as to how your edge data center strategy will impact your business continuity strategy.

Top 5 Benefits of an Edge Data Center


Reduces Latency / Increases Speed


Improves Customer Experience


Increases Security and Privacy


Increases Reliability



As the digital world continues to proliferate, edge computing strategies are becoming top of mind for many enterprise customers, regardless of their business model. From Fortune 500 technology customers to hyperscalers, Prime has the expertise needed to design and build your edge data centers. Not only do we offer several campuses in desirable locations, Prime provides strategic, flexible ownership options and dynamic leasing structures.