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Strategic Infrastructure


Prime takes a different approach to partnership by co-creating capital expenditure and real estate strategies with its customers that both advance their physical business interests in the digital world and increase per share valuations. A private firm owned by entrepreneurs controlling $6BN in assets and a 15 year tenure in development of technology and real estate projects. Prime provides customers with ownership options and dynamic leasing models defining a true corporate partnership.

Lease To Own

  • Dynamic Lease & Ownership Model for Public and Private Enterprises
  • Self-driven transition from lease to ownership
  • Partnership structured for accounting optimization (FASB ASU 2016-2)

Resource Delivery and Management Options

  • Collaborative Facility & Security Management – Prime + Client
  • Client-Owned/Managed Operations
  • Prime Purchased and Delivered Client-specific Infrastructure

Joint Venture

  • Align Interests with 100% transparency
  • Client-Capitalized Lease Structures – Value and Cash Flow Accretion
  • Structured for accounting optimization (FASB ASU 2016-2)
  • Results in¬†significant implied lease cost reduction at discretion of customer

Sale Leaseback

  • Alleviate business-distracting obligations
  • Transfer Facility operations, security, and infrastructure investment responsibilities
  • Create financial efficiencies and flexibilities
  • Reinvest in main business

Current Assets

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