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Powered shell
data center

Prime Data Centers’ powered shell solution brings digital infrastructure to enterprises without the associated costs and risks of building a facility. With the ability to meet unique enterprise requirements, powered shell facilities deliver the space and power hyperscalers and large enterprises need to steer their digital initiatives forward.
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What is a Powered Shell
Data Center?

A powered shell data center is one that the developer finishes the “shell” for but leaves the interior build-out to the tenant. The shell includes supplying power and connectivity to the structure.

Prime can select location and land or purchase land from the customer and build a custom shell with power, allowing the customer to have full control of its TIs and MEP fit-out.

While a powered shell data center could range from a floor in an existing building to an entirely new facility dedicated to a single customer, Prime Data Centers most often provides the latter.

Our land bank partnerships enable us to source the right land parcel for you and then build your powered shell, ready for your team to focus on finishing the interior build-out.

Prime Data Centers’ Top 5 Powered Shell Data Center Solution Benefits:


Speed to Market


Simplified Path to Completion


Control Over the Final Build-out Details


Adaptability to Various Tenant Needs


Reduced Costs and Risk

A powered shell data center model has several other benefits to the tenant, including leveraging Prime’s construction team’s decades of experience. Using industry best practices, our team can develop the data center building with redundant power and network fiber landed. This solution is also significantly more cost-effective to enterprises than building their own data center space.

Today’s business leaders need to focus on digital innovation. By leveraging Prime’s shell data center expertise, enterprises can rapidly bring capacity to market to allow their team to deliver better business outcomes. Powered shell solutions also enable enterprises to scale their data center needs quickly and are designed with security and connectivity top of mind.

Prime’s portfolio of data center solutions also includes build-to-suit, wholesale collocation, edge, disaster recovery and hyperscale data center solutions.

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