Data at the edge is one of the most quickly evolving facets of information technology

edge data center

First off, what are edge data centers?

At a high level, they are data centers that are built closer to the “edge” of a network and closer to the end users.

Edge computing is increasingly important when high latency is not tolerable. For example, for autonomous driving to become safer and more mainstream, the latency of data transmission must be as low as possible.

Other latency-sensitive applications include:

This means that companies that need edge data centers to lower latency for their applications will have more diverse geographic siting needs.

Prime Data Centers can help optimize and deliver these geographic needs. Our expertise on site selection as well as access to land banks has helped leading hyperscalers and enterprise clients analyze their broader edge data center facility needs. Prime’s edge data center knowledge has matched them with custom packages consisting of numerous sites to deploy a robust edge strategy

The decentralization that edge data centers represent can also help boost the resilience of your data infrastructure. Less geographic concentration means reduced risk of system-wide disruption resulting from damage to any one site. Prime can advise as to how your edge data center strategy will impact your business continuity strategy.

Top 5 Benefits of an Edge Data Center


Reduces Latency / Increases Speed


Improves Customer Experience


Increases Security and Privacy


Increases Reliability


5. Scalability

As the digital world continues to proliferate, edge computing strategies are becoming top of mind for many enterprise customers, regardless of their business model. From Fortune 500 technology customers to hyperscalers, Prime has the expertise needed to design and build your edge data centers. Not only do we offer several campuses in desirable locations, Prime provides strategic, flexible ownership options and dynamic leasing structures.