Flexible financing and partnership options

Data Center Leasing Cost Optimization

Prime Data Centers has a variety of wholesale data center leasing and financing options, all designed to provide your company with the best fit for your specific data center needs.

In summary, the best fit for your company’s needs will revolve around these key criteria:

  1. Control – how much control over the facility do you need?
  2. Total Cost of Operations – what’s your TCO goal? Are you able to plan long-term versus just short-term?
  3. Cost structure, cash flow, and accounting – would you rather have more OpEx and less CapEx, or vice versa?


Read our blog post for a more in-depth analysis of the full breadth of data center financing options. 

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Wholesale Data Center Leasing

Whether it’s NNN, Modified Gross, or another type of data center leasing, we’ll tailor a lease structure to your company’s unique needs. Our threshold for qualifying as “wholesale” is typically about 500 kW. We consider anything less than that “retail.” An increasingly common topic we discuss with our clients is data center cost consolidation which is when an enterprise can benefit by consolidating multiple retail-sized colocation projects into one bigger wholesale lease. This process has many benefits, and we’d be happy to discuss this with you.

Note that Prime Data Centers doesn’t provide retail colocation services. We do, however, partner with retail colocation providers, and they are sometimes our clients. We discuss the differences between retail and wholesale colocation on our blog here.

  • Dynamic lease & ownership model for public and private enterprises
  • Optional self-driven transition from lease to ownership
  • Partnership structured for accounting optimization (FASB ASU 2016-2)

Wholesale Data Center Leases

Our wholesale leases are typically either triple net (“NNN”) or modified gross.


An efficient way to reinvest in your core business and strengthen your balance sheet.

Joint Venture

Unlike many data center developers, Prime offers joint venture solutions for maximum control and transparency.