New logo for Prime Data Centers

The corporate information technology world is familiar with the term “hardware refresh”. It’s when the IT department bulk upgrades things like servers in a data center, or employee laptops.

Today, we are announcing our own version of a branding refresh…a new corporate logo for Prime Data Centers. We’ll explain a bit of our motivation in this post.

Prime Data Centers logo

What hasn’t changed

The logo font, light-heartedly named Good Times, stays the same. That font is produced by Raymond Larabie at Typodermic Fonts. We love it because it’s got 80’s/90’s techno vibes and it’s easy to read.

It’s also similar to the classic NASA logo font:

Our website has also been completely rebuilt to reflect the new logo, as well as to make some back end and front end improvements.

What has changed

The icon is new. We’ve replaced what we used to fondly refer to as our “pinwheel”. Not that our pinwheel was bad, but we felt that we could design something that better expressed technology, connectivity, and physical structures.

Our new icon is called the “cornerstone”. It does a better job expressing technology, connectivity, and physical structures. On the left, you see an homage to the “racking and stacking” history of the data center industry. How many servers appear in the new logo you may ask? Five. A *Prime* number. 😉 🤓

On the right, you see an expression of network connectivity and data. They meet in the middle, forming a cornerstone of a data center building.

Resources for you

We’ll be publishing a press kit soon, and will link to it here when we do. It will contain links to download the various vector versions of our new logo.

Stay in touch

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