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Big news needs to be shared in a big way. That’s why Prime Data Centers will now be announcing our latest news and most up-to-date information LIVE on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube via Prime DC TV! 

For our inaugural episode of Prime DC TV, we shared the news of our new Los Angeles area data center development. 

During our very first Prime DC TV LIVE, we revealed details of our new three-story, 261,000-square-foot data center in Vernon, California, near downtown LA. This site is less than five miles from each of the five major interconnection points in Los Angeles, enabling Prime’s hyperscale and enterprise customers to gain robust connectivity in one of the largest internet and telecommunications markets in the world.

Watch this exciting episode on-demand on LinkedIn, Twitter, or  YouTube, and be sure to follow us for alerts on our upcoming #PrimeDCTV live streams. 

#PrimeDCTV is your source for news and information about the latest custom data center solutions for leading enterprises and hyperscalers, delivered by Prime Data Centers. 

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