SaaS vs IaaS/PaaS for datacenter investment

Keeping Location in Mind When Considering a Datacenter Investment

SaaS vs IaaS vs PaaS, and more for data centers

January 24, 2020

In coordination with 451 Research, we’ve just published this short Business Impact Brief regarding key geographic and infrastructure considerations for your next datacenter investment.

In 451 Research’s “Voice of the Enterprise: Digital Pulse, Vendor Evaluations 2019” study, over 650 respondents were asked the question: “Thinking about all of your organization’s workloads/applications, where are the majority of these currently deployed? Where will the majority of these be deployed two years from now?

The respondents noted that the quickest growing segments would be IaaS/PaaS and SaaS, forecasted to represent 17% and 22% of the workload respectively in 2021, up from 10% and 16% in 2019.

On-premises traditional IT was the only segment forecast to decline, dropping sharply from 43% to just 18% of workload.

This research brief continues to examine the impact of these decisions on backup and disaster recovery, latency and connectivity, geographic diversity, and proximity to staff.

Kelly Morgan, analyst from 451 Research and principal author of the brief, adds: “Natural disasters such as the fires in Australia are a reminder that enterprises should ensure their backup/disaster recovery plans are up to date and that their data is stored in a facility that’s geographically diverse. Leasing datacenter space is one option.”

Looking ahead to the future, the brief notes that:

“Enterprises are slowly getting out of the datacenter business, but not all workloads are suitable for the cloud. There will be several years ahead where firms are evaluating where to store data, particularly data that would be expensive or unwieldy to store in public cloud or that needs to be accessed by multiple clouds. Governance is also a key issue: Not all public cloud providers are appropriate for storing sensitive/controlled data. Security, cost and latency are likely to be key criteria in these evaluations.”

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