Women in Construction Success Story: Courtney Schmidt of Prime Data Centers


WRITTEN BY: Jaime Weibel – Sr. Marketing Manager at Prime Data Centers

In recognition of Women in Construction Week and International Women’s Day, Prime presents the story of Courtney Schmidt, Product Development Analyst at Prime Data Centers. Courtney’s road to the construction and data center industry shows how much opportunity lies in front of women who choose to pursue a career in a field that historically was majority male.

Finding Passion in a Dynamic Industry

Courtney was initially drawn to data center construction for its unique career opportunities. Graduating from the University of Wisconsin (Madison) at a time when many tech and engineering firms were laying people off or in a hiring holding pattern, Schmidt identified data centers as an industry with consistent, upward trajectory. She envisioned a workplace that would provide the fast-paced environment she greatly desired. Two other points of potential Schmidt found compelling were the wide range of opportunities to learn and to make an impact beyond the usual entry-level, role player.

An Unexpected, Yet Fulfilling Path

While it didn’t take long for Courtney to find a home in the data center construction industry, her original focus was on a completely different discipline: Anthropology and Archaeology. However, there were many skills and traits such as detail orientation, work ethic, and scientific process, that would transfer well in her new position. From when she was little, Courtney has always possessed a passion for working with her hands and never shied away from getting them dirty. Schmidt finds fulfillment in the team-based, highly collaborative data center development function and experiencing plans come to life as construction projects are successfully delivered.

A Career That Enables Work-Life Balance

While Courtney’s day-to-day can be demanding with frequent travel and occasional long hours, she is able to maintain a strong work-life balance. When she is not helping Prime Data Centers deliver the foundation for technology advancement, Schmidt finds joy in a variety of hobbies and interests. From snowboarding to reading and event cross-stitching, Courtney embraces a well-rounded lifestyle that keeps her passion fueled on and away from the construction site.

Learning and Growth in Construction

Throughout her journey in construction, Courtney has been inspired by the level of coordination and teamwork required to bring a building to life. She discovered that construction projects involve intricate planning, collaboration, and problem-solving, highlighting the complexity and depth of the industry. Schmidt has been rewarded for her strong work ethic and commitment, having already been promoted to the role of Product Development Analyst.

Empowering Advice for Aspiring Women

What is Courtney’s advice for women considering a career in this industry? She encourages them to ask questions, have the courage to put themselves out there, and take the time to explore all of the various avenues and opportunities within data centers and construction. Courtney believes construction presents a world of opportunity for women. What are Schmidt’s keys to success? Embrace challenges. Seek growth opportunities. Leverage your unique perspectives.

Final Thoughts

We hope sharing a little about Courtney Schmidt and her ongoing journey in data center construction will inspire and motivate more women to take the next steps towards a rewarding, lifelong career. While the industry heavily skewed male in its early stages, recent trends show an increasing number of women who find it an excellent fit for their personal and professional aspirations. As we celebrate Women in Construction Week and International Women’s Day, let’s honor people like Courtney who are shaping the future of this industry with their talent, dedication, and unwavering spirit.


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