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Based on your specific financial and operational requirements we provide you with multiple investment opportunities. From standard lease agreements to joint ventures to full facility ownership, we provide you with options that enhance alignment of interest, mitigate risk and accelerate time to market.

Build-to-Suit Data Center


An integrated delivery approach requires a skilled team. We have the right mix of in-house professionals for greenfield developments, retrofits, and small upgrades. We have the capabilities to perform to our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations on a complete project.

Joint Venture

We work with you to create a financial partnership that aligns our interests, mitigates risk and helps you bring new capacity online faster.

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Powered Shell

We provide a phased approach to data center development to help you conserve capital and provide the flexibility you need to adapt to your users’ ever changing needs.

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Prime Data Centers delivers infrastructure solutions that are designed to adapt and engineered to scale. Our team has a proven track record of designing, building, financing and operating data centers that meet our clients changing business needs. We provide choices and make the process convenient so our clients can accelerate their time-to-market, reduce complexity and mitigate risk.

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